Hi, my name is Shivan

I am a software engineer and generalist based out of Durban, South Africa. I like building things. I am lucky to have had over a decade of experience writing code, with extensive professional experience in the last few years. My primary interests are [technical-writing], [system-design], [project-management], [healthcare-technology] and [education-technology].


Currently, I am focused on a personal project that aligns with my interests and long term goals.
Unfortunately at this time this project remains confidential. If you're interested in what I've done previously, or what my tech stack is, feel free to take a look at publically available work on my Github.


You can read some of thoughts and writing samples at sequential.dev.


At the moment, I am not actively looking for new opportunities, but will, under special circumstances be able to offer consulation or freelance services. If you think I might be interested in what you're doing, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.
I am particulary interested in complex design problems that solve real issues in either the edu-tech or personal productivity space.